We Connect People.

Core Values

We are helping to restore our communities by providing mentorship, resources, and mentorship. 

We Help Families

Our Mission

Our mission is to restore and rehabilitate our communities back to greatness beginning at the family level. Utilizing evidence-based programs, strategies and basic life skills.

Our Purpose

We are here to service and empower you to help improve the health and welfare of you and your child. Our agency has been selected to assist you in achieving the greatest potential in store for you and your baby and connect you with the needed services. 

Why us.

Our Values


Our agency staff provide high quality care and services based on our love and support and nourish infants and their families.


The driving force that powers our agency is our compassion to provide a positive foundation to support our families.


Nia (Purpose) 4 life is a maternal infant health program dedicated to improving the health and well being of medicaid eligible pregnant women and infants through a standardized and system wide process and to decrease infant mortality as part of Michigan's strategic plan.


Our agency provides honest and reliable services to infants and their families in a confidential environment.